asougi is trans

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also talking abt old art, i got this from 2017 & i still really like it for some reason (i barely improved in these years tho, rip)

tho i dont really connect with its star aes anymore, this was for a challenge of drawing yourself as an animal crossing villager

i found this drawing of a dog (?) i made early last year & shes kinda cute... maybe i should revamp her & make her an actual oc...

thinking abt when i was in highschool & changed the background of our art history class' board to katrielle professor layton

she stayed here for months (until the science & humanities classes started to battle eachother using the bg as a comunication method)

i was saving up for the animal costumes event, but i ended up buying 2 fortune cookies because i have no self control & i got the tree house item!!!

i should craft some autumm items or something; i was so focused on getting campers that i never really crafted items i liked, only the ones for unlocking villagers kdlfjgdg